QuEChERS includes extraction pouches and 50 mL centrifuge tubes, ceramic homogenizers are optional


The pouches contain anhydrous extraction salts. Among the mixture, MgSO 4 is responsible for removing water in samples,while other components are responsible for maintaining appropriate pH to ensure the recoveries of alkaline-sensitive pesticides.

Directly adding water-abundant samples into tubes containing extraction salts may cause local overheating which compromise the resulting recoveries. To avoiding such situations, New Impact Technologies  provides separate extraction salt pouches that the operator can add extraction salts after the addition of organic solvents.

QuEChERS salts are sealed in aluminum foil bags to avoid leakage. The type and amount are printed on the bag for handy choice. The easy-cut mark is very convenient for use. Our automated powder dispensing & packaging assembly line promise the accuracy and repeatability.

QuEChERS Extraction Kits, EN Method


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