PTFE is an artificially Synthesized high polymer material, in which the fluorine replaces all the hydrogen atom of polyethylene. The material is acid resistant, alkali-resistant and all kinds of organic solvent resistant, which will hardly dissolve all the solvents. What’s more, the PTFE is also high temperature resistance, and can work in 26 ℃ for a very long time. The friction coefficient of PTFE is very low and can be used for lubrication.


The PTFE filter is sintered by pure PTFE and is widely used in.

1.The field of analysis and test: Environment analysis, water quality analysis, food plasticizer analysis and high temperature gas test;

2. The field of industry: automobile, sensor ventilation cap, dangerous gas treatment.


PTFE frits are mainly used to the field of chemistry analysis, pore size(10-20μm),thickness(2-3mm) and sold together with empty SPE glass column.


PTFE filter pore size is 10-20μm,which are mainly used for high temperature test, dangerous gas treatment and sensor etc.


PTFE Frits


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