SPE/Flash Cartridge frit, including exquisite selection for raw material, optimization for mold, optimization for test of flow rate and setup of ERP management and other special work flow.


After conformity to consistent development for SPE/Flash Cartridge technology has pushed forward a different bore-diameter frit to meet demands from small particulate diameter sorbent under gravity method.


Special Exquisite Selection for Raw Material

About 10% ultra-high molecular weight PE raw material shall only be used to produce.

The SPE/Flash Cartridge frit has a water absorption rate of less than 0.01%, more even particulate diameter and having strict compatible test for solvent.


Special Optimization for SPE Cartridge

Its process by precise mold shall only assure diameter precision of the SPE/Flash Cartridge frit and perfect match with inside diameter of colμmn tube. Each batch shall have strict test to assure stable flow rate between each two batches.

It is very important for stable flow rate to match with diameter of frit diameter and that of empty column tube. For this example of frit of 40% pore and 9.0mm diameter, pore shall be lowered by 37.24% if diameter is extruded and lowed by 0.2mm.


Larger Pore Size, Smaller Pore Size

SPE/Flash Cartridge frit (poresize of 80-100μm), this applies for gravity method.

SPE/Flash Cartridge frit (poresize of less than 20μm), this applies for sorbent of small particulate diameter.


Quality Control

Apply for leading ERP management system before detailed record for each process of frit production.


Order Information:

Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Pore(μm) Colμmn (mL)

Frits for SPE/Flash Cartridge


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