Extracting multiresidual pesticides


Pesticide grade Florisil is a selective adsorbent comprised of synthetic magnesium-silica gel activated at 675 ˚C. It’s strongly polar, extremely active, highly porous and able to retain low to moderate polar compounds such as chlorine-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides.

In analysis of multiresidual pesticides, Florisil has proven to be an effective, low-cost choice, and adopted in the U.S. EPA method 608 and China NY/T method 761.



  • Good retention for most pesticides
  • Suitable for viscous samples
  • Economical



Particle size: 150-250 μm



  • Determination of chlorine-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing pesticides in foods.
  • Determination of mycotoxins in foods.


Related Methods:

  • EPA 608  Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs by GC/HSD
  • NY/T 761  Pesticide multiresidue sceen methods for determination of organophosphorus pesticides, organochlorine pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides and carbamate pesticedes in vegetables and fruits
  • NY/T 1720-2009  Determination of Seven Benzoylurea Pesticides Residues in Fruits and Vegetables by HPLC
  • SN/T 0134-2010  Determination for pesticide residues of 12 kinds of carbamates including oxamyl in foods for import and export. LC-MS/MS method

Florisil SPE Cartridges


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