These inert, hydrophobic polyethylene filters provide aerosol barriers for pipette tips, preventing samples from cross-contamination, protecting operators and pipettes.


Perfect Blocking Aerosol

Filter is made by UHMW-PE,processed by the unique craft, which has the hydrophobicity.

Hydrophobic filter form as of a solid barrier of aerosol and liquid, eliminating potential samples that may influence the results cross contaminate with pipette .


Meet Your Perfect Quality Demand

Filter integrates our hundreds of millions of filter production experience, produced by precision mold processing, which has a moderate elastic and without burr, and fit with tip inner diameter .Even the smallest filter (1.45 mm diameter, 1.6 mm thickness ), the size is also precise.


Free RNase/DNase

Filter process with high temperature, production and packaging in clean workshop to ensure no RNase and DNase pollution.


Specifications Available

Filter have tens of specifications available,meet your different demand.

We are updating specifications


Order Information:

  Diameter (mm) Thickness(mm) Pore(μm) Used For



Filters for Pipette Tips


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