Dual filter is made by UHMW-PE, processed by the unique craft, which has the hydrophobicity, able to block cross contaminate between samples, reduce sundries damage.


Free DNase/RNase, Free PCR Inhibitors

Free DNase/RNase ,Free PCR inhibitors is the basic requirement of Filters, and can be used for most sundry technology experiment,including PCR/RNA/DNA extraction,protein analysis,virus detector and blood test,ect.


Dual-Filter, Dual Blocking Ability

Dual-filter is composed of two layers of different pore size,the pore size of top blue filter is 5um, the pore size of bottom filter is 10um. Dual-filter with dual blocking ability, can more thoroughly block particles and molecules.


Order Information:

  Diameter (mm) Thickness(mm) Pore(um) Use For

Dual-Layered Filters for Pipette Tips


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